[TES] Tamarac Enhancement Suite
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  • Is TES affilated with Tamarac?
  • No, TES is a third party application that is intended to be an add-on to Tamarac's existing platform.

  • Is TES available in browsers other than Chrome?
  • At the moment, TES is not available for browsers other than Google Chrome. TES is a Chrome Extension that is built using tools made available by Google. For information on how to install TES on Chrome, please visit the Install page.

  • How much does TES cost?
  • TES is free. There are no paid upgrades or add-ons.

  • Why does the Rebalance Summary now open in a seperate tab?
  • In order for TES to add its functionaliy to the page, it must open in its own tab. In addition, a second tab called the "Worker Tab" will open breifly to calculate statistics about the account. Once it is done gathering the data and sending it to your main tab, it will close.

  • Can I turn off certain features in TES?
  • Yes! This feature was added in version 1.7. Click on the Settings Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner of the page and click Settings. You will have the ability to enable and diable specific features of TES.