[TES] Tamarac Enhancement Suite
Take Tamarac to the Next Level
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How to Install TES

TES is a Google Chrome Extension for the Chrome Browser. At the moment, TES is not available for browsers other than Google Chrome.

To install, visit the Chrome Web Store and search "Tamarac Enhancement Suite", or click here.

Once you are on the TES page on the Chrome Web Store, click .

Download Google Chrome

To use TES, you have to be using Google Chrome as your browser. If you do not already have Google Chrome installed on your computer, visit the Google Chrome Website to download the software.

How to Uninstall TES

If you would like to remove TES from Chrome, you can easily disable the extension. In chrome, enter "chrome://extensions/" into your address bar or navigate to the extensions page by clicking on the settings icon in the top right corner of the browser. Under "More Tools", click on Extensions.

To diable, uncheck the "Enabled" box next to the TES Extension. Alternativly, you can delete the extension entirely by clicking on the trash can icon.