[TES] Tamarac Enhancement Suite
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Welcome to the Tamarac Enhancement Suite!

Tamarac Enhancement Suite (TES) is a set of tools that enchance your experience when using Tamarac's Advisor Rebalancing systems. We are big fans of Tamarac, as we are sure you are as well.

TES is a FREE Google Chrome extension for your browser. For instructions on how to add TES to Chrome, visit the Install page.

If you are not already a Tamarac client, please check out their website at Tamaracinc.com.

TES is an ever-evolving project. Input from our user base will help shape future enhancements. To add an enhancement request, please visit the Suggestions page. We also know that Tamarac does a great job at improving their site. If Tamarac adds functionality that mimics any of TES's enhancments, the TES enhancement will be removed.

Recent Enhacements

  • 1.80
  • Rebalance Sumary now opens in another tab after sorting or removing accounts from the Rebalance Review page

  • 1.70
  • Settings menu now includes the ability to enable and diable features

  • 1.60
  • Better Worker Tab structure
  • Bug Fixes

  • 1.51
  • Improved Settings menu

  • 1.50
  • Collapsable Controls in Rebal Summary
  • Night Mode Added!