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Advisor Rebalancing

Rebalance Summary

  • Custom Controls

    A collection of tools to automate some of the normal adjustments that you make to the Rebalance Summary. Examples include:

    • Set Trades to Target
    • Remove Adds/Trims
    • Equalize Trades

    To learn more about these tools, please visit the documentation page.

  • TES Summary Statistics

    A new section on the Rebalance Review page that gives you more insight about the trades being recommended. Quickly analyze the recommended trades for undesirable recommendations without having to open each group and manually review.

  • Relative Post-Rebalance Error %

    Many times we find outselves looking at the relative % differance of a position from its target %. Instead of manually doing the math, we have added the relative % differance next to the post-rebalnce %.

  • Significant Difference Highlighting

    Quickly see any positons that are greater than 10% or 20% away from their model %. Positions greater than 10% away from their target will be highlighted in yellow, and greater than 20% are highlighted in red.

  • Night Mode

    Because why not?

Advisor View

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